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Alpha Reporting Service – DepoSpan’s Newest Affiliate

August 30, 2016

Alpha-Reporting-ServiceAlpha Reporting Service was formed in 1981.  Alpha’s goal at that time was to provide the best quality service to the legal community at a reasonable cost. That has continued to be their goal in the years since 1981 as they continue to serve clients in southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, northwest Arkansas, or anywhere they are asked to go.

From their early beginnings, Alpha has grown to be the largest court reporting firm in this area, with offices in Springfield and Joplin, offering a broad range of services to their clients and to the reporters who work with them.

“At Alpha, we care very much about the integrity of our profession and feel it is important to follow the ‘Golden Rule.’ We treat you how we would want to be treated. In keeping with that philosophy, we are proud to be a Charter Member of the National Court Reporters Integrity Council.”

DepoSpan is proud to welcome Alpha Reporting.

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