When it comes to court reporting, you require uncompromising dependability and unrivaled expertise.

Litigation Support

It doesn’t matter whether your case is big or small, the number one mission of our providers is always the same: Guarantee your complete satisfaction with superlative service.

With our comprehensive suite of litigation services, we provide the help you need to make sure your entire litigation process runs as effortlessly and efficiently as possible.

All our providers are ready to customize a full litigation support plan for your specific needs.

  • Service of Process
  • Interpreter/translation arrangements
  • Equipment Rental/ Trial Support
  • SuperDepositions™
  • Paperless Depositions
  • Video Settlement Brochures and “Day in the Life” Documentaries
  • Animations
  • Timelines
  • Fetal Strip Presentations
  • Graphics
  • Microscope Projection
  • Document Handling
  • Mock Jury Trials

Find your complete litigation support solution or call our scheduling office toll-free at (844) 400-DEPO (3376) to fulfill any of your court reporting service needs.

Service of Process

We provide a full complement of local, state and national Service of Process services for all your legal needs.

Interpreter and Translation

We speak your language… even when you don’t.

At Depospan, we provide full interpretation and translation services for your depositions and other legal needs.

Equipment Rental/Trial Support

We have the presentation software and hardware equipment to turn any room into a state-of-the-art high-tech courtroom.

All of our providers are equipped to handle your technology needs and will install, test, run and dismantle all equipment to ensure that your presentation runs smoothly. In addition to the latest hardware, we offer the best trial presentation software, such as Trial Director and Sanction, as well as a full range of graphics and video applications.

Just tell us what you want the jury to see and we will make it happen.


SuperDepositions offer the following features and benefits:

  • High Definition video is used for increased sharpness.
  • Picture-in-picture presentation allows documents to be presented full screen while video of the deponent is positioned in a corner of the screen.
  • Exhibits no longer need to be shown to the jury separate from the video, resulting in a smoother, more interesting and effective presentation.
  • Portions of the text may be called out and highlighted.
  • Using SMART Board technology, the witness may write notes on documents using digital ink without changing the underlying characteristics of the image.
  • The work may be saved as a permanent electronic file.
  • The court reporter will obtain from the videographer copies of any images designated as exhibits.

Paperless Depositions

Paperless Depositions allow depositions to run smoother and more efficiently.

  • Monitors are placed around the tables so all counsel may easily read documents referred to during the deposition.
  • A large screen is setup in front of the room to display documents.
  • An on-site technician is provided to call up documents, highlight and call out portions of documents as needed during the deposition.
  • We will organize and maintain a case document repository eliminating the need to transport documents to each deposition.

Video Settlement Brochures and “Day in the Life” Documentaries

All of our providers have experienced trial technology consultants who will work with you to create high impact video documentaries that will help you obtain settlements and jury awards which meet and exceed the anticipated value of a case.

Video Settlement Brochures usually play for 10 to 30 minutes and summarize the liability and damages of your case. These videos are strategically designed to communicate the strengths and value of your case to the ultimate decision maker in order to facilitate settlement and deter the other side from going to trial.

Our team will carefully produce your client’s day in the life documentary being sure to fully convey the extent of your client’s injuries and how your client’s life has changed pre and post accident. By watching one of our documentaries the court and jury will better understand the full impact of your client’s injuries and the value of the case.

Utilizing high definition video, expert production and editing skills, our team customizes each video. Videos may include, among other components:

  • Deposition clips
  • News footage
  • Video of the accident scene
  • Interviews of your client, family, friends and witnesses
  • Still photographs
  • Footage of your client’s daily living activities
  • Home movies
  • Animations
  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Professional narration


When words are not sufficient to explain your case, we can provide 3D Animation and Graphics, using the latest state-of-the-art multimedia design tools, to create visuals that will clearly convey the concept you want the jury to understand.


We can create customized timelines for easy comprehension of the progression of events in your case by:

  • Breaking down complex situations into understandable sequences.
  • Visually illustrating dates, times and events using programs such as In Data Timeline Express, Illustrator and Flash.
  • Embedding exhibits and videos into the timeline thereby providing additional information to support your case.
  • Designing timelines to be interactive allowing you to control, with the click of a button or touch of a screen, the segments displayed to your audience.

Fetal Strip Presentations

Fetal Strip is a program available from Depospan providers for the presentation of fetal monitoring strips in the courtroom. The Fetal Monitoring Strip is digitized allowing you to:

  • Bookmark critical junctures and stop at any juncture in time.
  • Highlight any administered medications, progress notes, and dilation points.
  • Embed notes, medical records or any other documents into the presentation.
  • Scroll through the strip at the actual speed at which it was recorded or up to twenty times faster.
  • Set the adjustable baseline anywhere on the fetal strip.


No matter the complexity of the case, we can help find the best method of communicating information to the jury in the clearest way possible. While we provide a multitude of advanced presentation materials, we can also prepare classic demonstratives such as:

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Maps with information overlays
  • PowerPoint slides

Microscope Projection

We can help you show microscopic details to the jury in a way that is both clear and compelling.

Using a diagnostic quality microscope, you can display images from the microscope lens to a plasma screen with SMART Board overlay, LCD monitor, projection screen or SMART Board symposium.

Using SMART Board technology your witness may write with digital ink on top of the microscope image without changing the underlying characteristics of the image. The image with the handwritten notations can be saved and printed in color. This technology is very effective when used both in court and during SuperDepositions.

Document Handling

Each of our providers offers easy and convenient document handling to scan, index and archive all of your case documents. To keep things simple at trial, we work with trial counsel to use the naming convention that’s best for your case.

Scanned documents can be easily located by searching for key words, Bates numbering, or document-specific descriptions. Our document management services also provide the following benefits:

  • Output to PDF, JPG, TIFF as well as other formats
  • Quality Full-text OCR
  • Fast scanning of both black and white and color documents
  • Import from a variety of case data management software, including Trial Director and Summation

In addition to paper documents, we can assist you with the handling of:

  • X-rays
  • CAT scans
  • MRIs
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Other proprietary medical imaging programs

Mock Jury Trials

There are some things you wouldn’t do without a trial run…

A trial should be one of them. Mock jury trials let you test your presentation so that you can make any needed adjustments before the final run. Our mock jury services include:

  • Hand-selected mock jurors from the jurisdiction of your case
  • State-of-the-art mock jury facility
  • Observation rooms with one-way mirrors to observe the jurors without being seen
  • Perception Analyzer Technology as seen during the presidential debates on CNN
  • Real time audience opinion graphing
  • Demographic statistical analysis
  • Mock jury proceedings videotaped with opinion graphing overlay
  • Jury consultant available

Find your complete litigation support solution or call our scheduling office toll-free at (844) 400-DEPO (3376) to fulfill any of your court reporting service needs.